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Drawing has always been my favorite way to express feelings, allowing me to untangle ideas on paper.

It gives me the ability to capture the essence of reality through my vision, illustrating a world made of kindness and stardust.

I love to mix techniques, experimenting with different media: digital drawing, paper collage, photography and hand drawn parts come together to create high quality illustrations that convey a sense of magical wonder, gently guiding the viewer on a path of self-discovery.

Ecco una selezione dei miei lavori!

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The Garden of my Dreams, illustration workshop, 2023
The Generous Robin, illustration workshop, 2024
Celestial Explorers, illustration workshop, 2023
Creattiviamoci, commissioned work, 2023
La Vispa Teresa, commissioned work, 2023
Horus, personal project, 2017
Max the Space Pirate, personal project, 2018
Amelia and Penelope, personal project, 2017
Liz Bennet, personal project, 2019
“Be Careful What You Wish For”, Coraline Jones personal project 2019
Hermione Granger, personal project, 2016
Book Cover for “L' Anfiteatro”, by Stefano Foroni, 2021
Book Cover, La Casa di Adelino by Susanna La Lampa, 2020